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Specializing in Digital Composites,  Digital Fusion and Fine Art Imagery

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    People often try to pigeon hole my work into a traditional or comfortable art form category.  I’ve never been able to figure out why that is so important.  My work is rarely the typical photograph that grasps a poignant glimpse of a moment in time.  It usually has a larger story behind it that begs the viewer’s interpretation.   My work always starts out as photography.  It then evolves according to my vision into something often described as “beyond photography.”  Photographic elements are used as the core of a larger digital composition.  Usually forming the jump off spot for a broader theme.  Names for techniques used are not that important to me – call it Digital Painting, photomontage, composite or digital collage – It’s probably a bit of each as I use an arsenal of techniques; many developed from my own experience working in both the darkroom and the more modern lightroom.  I am basically self-taught and prefer stumbling my way through challenges.  I envision a piece and then develop the techniques needed to express it in the process of creating.  The result is usually a composition that defies conventional rules and pushes accepted boundaries.  But that, to me, is what art is all about.

    I am currently President of the North Shore Art Guild, Inc. and Executive Director of “Artists United in the Fight Against Cancer.”  My additional professional affiliations include Patchogue Arts Council, Inc., Guild Hall, Brookhaven Arts and Humanities Council, Huntington Arts Council, Port Jefferson – Northern Brookhaven Arts Council, East End Arts and Humanities Council, South Bay Art Association, Smithtown Township Arts Council, Huntington Arts Council, Art League of Long Island, National Association of Photoshop Professionals and the National Education Association.
Link to current  Sample Images
Some of the Newest Work
"submission of evolution 25WX25H
Submission of Evolution
"of heaven and earth" 25WX25H
of heaven and earth
"Streets of New York" Digital Expressive Surrealism, 25X25 Under acrylic
Streets of New York
Urban Demise 25X25 Under Acrylic
Urban Demise
"steampunk gone soft" 25WX25H
steampunk gone soft
"floral dreams" 25WX25H
floral dreams

Featured in LI Pulse October 2015 - Interview about "Artists United Against Breast Cancer."
Just Published - M Titmus and the Art of Digital Painting by Karin Lazarus in CSA Journal Published

Awards and Achievements

Director of “Artists United in the Fight Against Cancer 2016”

Briarcliffe College, LI Artists “People’s Choice Award,” for “Spring Renewal,” 01/16

Director of “Artists United Against Breast Cancer 2015”

Spotlight and cover artist June 2015 Aces Magazine

Head Judge, Nassau County Comptrollers Office Art & Photography Exhibition, 2014

Hutchins Gallery, Brookville, Wounded Warriors Benefit, 1st Place for “Summer Kisses,” 08/14

Brookhaven Arts & Humanities, “1st Place” for “Paint the sky with Summer kisses,” 04/14

Brookhaven Arts & Humanities, “Honorable Mention” for “Floral Contrasts,” 03/14

Art Buzz, The 2014 Collection,” Second place in Graphic Arts 10/14

Briarcliffe College, LI Artists “People’s Choice Award,” for “Tranquility,” 01/14

Brookhaven Arts & Humanities, “Third Place” for “Gardenia on White,” 12/13

Feature artist in the CSA Journal in 11/13

Briarcliffe College LI Artists “People’s Choice Award,” for “Fiesta,” 12/13

Brookhaven Arts & Humanities, “First Place” for “of Heaven and Earth,” 11/13

South Bay Art Association, “First Place, “Maternal Bond,” 10/13

Brookhaven Arts & Humanities, “Honorable Mention” for “Never-ending Winter,” 10/13

Brookhaven Arts & Humanities, “First Place” for “Sizzle,” 08/13

Brookhaven Arts & Humanities, “Third Place” Morning Impressions,” 03/13.

South Bay Art Association, “Honorable Mention, “Encore,” 05/14

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