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"Digital fusion is an emerging art form in which the artist creates directly on the computer through the use of various graphic programs and input tools creating a similar environment as a
traditional visual artist.  It can also include the incorporation of original photographic images in a collage-like technique melding and fusing in an explosion of color and imagery."

Describing my creative process is difficult. People are most comfortable when they're able to categorize into processes or disciplines.  My work doesn't fit easily into traditional classifications. I see it as a fusion between painting, mixed media, photography and computer technology. The resulting digital medium gives me the ability to express my thoughts as they occur and the flexibility to change them as I watch my art take on a life of it’s own.

Through the use of a graphics tablet and a stylus I use my computer much like a traditional visual artist uses their brush and canvas. Saturated color, lyrical movement, forceful line, and complex imagery are just a few of the adjectives that have been used to describe my work.
I offer my work as a personal expression.  What you take from it is subjective.  Your vision is your experience and the only one with any validity.  It contradicts my purpose to offer explanations and prefer to leave it to interpretation.

Just Published - Mac Titmus and the Art of Digital Painting by Karin Lazarus in CSA Journal Published

Awards and achievements:

Hutchins Gallery, Brookville, Wounded Warriors Benefit, 1st Place for “Summer Kisses,” 08/14

Brookhaven Arts & Humanities, “First Place” for “Paint the sky with Summer's Kisses,” 04/14

Brookhaven Arts & Humanities, “Honorable Mention” for “Floral Contrasts,” 03/14

Art Buzz, The 2014 Collection,” Second place in Graphic Arts 10/14

Briarcliffe College, LI Artists “People’s Choice Award,” for “Tranquility,” 01/14

Brookhaven Arts & Humanities, “Third Place” for “Gardenia on White,” 12/13

Feature artist in the CSA Journal in 11/13

Briarcliffe College LI Artists “People’s Choice Award,” for “Fiesta,” 12/13

Brookhaven Arts & Humanities, “First Place” for “of Heaven and Earth,” 11/13

South Bay Art Association, “First Place, “Maternal Bond,” 10/13

Brookhaven Arts & Humanities, “Honorable Mention” for “Neverending Winter,” 10/13

Brookhaven Arts & Humanities, “First Place” for “Sizzle,” 08/13

Brookhaven Arts & Humanities, “Third Place” Morning Impressions,” 03/13.

South Bay Art Association, “Honorable Mention, “Encore,” 05/14

Mac is currently Vice President of the North Shore Art Guild.  His additional professional affiliations include The Art Forum of The North Shore Public Library, Patchogue Arts Council, Inc., Guild Hall, Brookhaven Arts and Humanities Council, Port Jefferson – Northern Brookhaven Arts Council, East End Arts and Humanities Council, South Bay Art Association, Smithtown Township Arts Council, Huntington Arts Council, Art League of Long Island, Southampton Artists Association, National Association of Photoshop Professionals, National Education Association
Mac's work is on display in galleries across Long Island in individual, group and juried shows.
Shoreham Public Library – all month

Studio 5404, 5404 Merrick Rd, Massapequa Dec 12 - Jan 9 - Artist Reception 7PM, Dec 12
Holiday Inn, Stony Brook, 02/15 – 04/11
May 2015
SBAA Members show 05/17–05/31
September 2015
“Artists United Against Breast Cancer,” 08/29–10/31
"flowers of Paris"
Flowers of paris

"Highline Reflection"
Highline Reflection

"sparkling waters"
sparkling waters

"of Waldon Woods"
of waldon Woods

Scroll down for 10 samples of Mac's more recent work


"fiber of exestence"
Fiber of Existence

"Soda Jerk Rewind"
soda fountain

"Reflections of NY"
Reflections of NY

"Urban Decay"
Created to explore, visually, the process whereby a previously functioning city or countryside falls into disrepair either morally, socially or physically.
Urban Decay

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